Jeremey goes to Preschool

If you are like me, picking a preschool for my son was not easy.

Especially transitioning from a private home Provider who cared for him since he was eight months. I had looked into other facilities and I was just not satisfied.

Plus, making sure that one fit my budget was also very important. It was important for me not to receive cheap care though. So price was not my motivator, but looking into scholarships is always a must.

Change is never easy, but necessary. My son needed to be ready for school and in my opinion, he can only get prepared in a school environment.

With his current school, I was impressed with the curriculum, the bright classroom and caring environment. All the teachers seemed to enjoy being a teacher and embraced him immediately. I checked his vibe during an open house tour. He walked in as if he had been attending the center for years. That made me feel comfortable.

The administrators also let me know that I was free to stop in when I wanted, and has been sending pictures of him throughout the day since his first day.

So far, so good…

It is so easy for us to get comfortable, but we have to teach our children to abandon their comfort zones and elevate to success.

Unlike my daughters Montessori preschool (I loved it there too), which promoted independent learning styles. My son has more direct attention and structure. The teacher to child ratio is much smaller and their core curriculum includes foreign and sign language.

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Walked into my son’s classroom and it put me in a great mood!!! He is learning Spanish and their fall artwork is amazing! I am excited to be visiting today and reading to his class!!! . . . Do you like the school your kids are attending? Do you find time to visit and volunteer? . . . I spoke on this a few years ago when I first started blogging. I remember feeling drained trying to make events on my lunchtime because my last employer was pretty strict when it came to work life balance. I am glad I moved on to a company that embraces taking time off to be with family. I am even offered a paid day to spend time at my children’s school. There is also a day that allows my children come to work. It is important to work somewhere that truly values your family because we all have lives outside of work!!!

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It seems like everyday Jr. comes home he is teaching me something new that he learned. It is easier for me to come home and sit down with him and go over his lessons to prepare him for a new day.

I will be visiting the school once a month to read to the children and to stay involved with his lessons.

Very proud of my sonshine!

2 Replies to “Jeremey goes to Preschool”

  1. Tahnee good job with my little pumpkin pie man, L J. He is so smart, no mystery he got it honestly. I love you little L J. keep up the good work granny knew you were special day one, just like I knew your were boy.


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