Me and My kiddos are kicking off the Fall…


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Fall is probably my favorite Season.

Not only is Fall a great time to dress in cozy fashionable sweaters, the temperature is still comfortable enough to go outside.

We kicked off the weekend going to our Neighborhood Fall Festival that we attend every year with my mom.



The Festival usually starts with me taking the kids to get their own pumpkin. Later, we take them home to design them!


Then we make our way around to the face painting area, where the kids can get their face painted. This area brings out their creative energy and they can become whoever they want to be. It kind of helps them with their Halloween Costume Decision. LJ was Green Lantern and Heaven just got a simple cross shape on her cheek. Heaven is out of her unicorn stage and now a VSCO girl!


The day is not complete without them taking home a special balloon from the Creative Balloon Makers. Again, Heaven kept it simple and requested a heart.  LJ went all out and got a huge Sword! I am always amazed at what they can do with those Balloons.

We usually walk around to the local stands. Most of the stands are filled with community leaders, targeting families that care about improving the community. There were also products and services to buy from the local businesses. This year I passed out a few of my business Cards and talked to some moms about parenting events. They were excited about meeting a local Blogger! Networking is always a must!


My favorite stand we visited signed the kids up for a chance to win free books for a few year. Then the kids played a game called, Guess how tall you are in apples! Heaven was 20 apples tall and Lj was 13! Amazing how fast my little one is catching up to his big sis!


We didn’t get on the Hay Ride this year, but we danced to the music and the kids had fun hoola hooping!

The Festival is a great way to connect with your family and community during the Fall Season.

Happy Fall

Love, Tahnee Cole

The Mommy Motivator 💋



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