Back to School. Well kinda…


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I have been known to make lemonade out of lemons, but honey I’m going to make frosted lemonade out of lemons this time. I’m talking whipped crème and cherries on top for a hot sunny day. You know why? Because that is what moms do (claps as I say each word)! Anyways, I wanted to share with you what I am doing to make this a successful virtual school year. I know there will be many challenges, but I am prepared for the ride.  

Here are a few of my tips…

Create a virtual space

I created Heaven and Jeremey Jr. separate learning spaces. I made sure the spaces were outside of their rooms so that they can focus. These areas are only reserved for learning. I tried to make sure that they have everything they need for school and to keep it cute and colorful like a classroom environment.

Meal Prep

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 300 snacks. The food part is going to be something else. I have created menus and started meal preparation so that mornings will not be so stressful. I am using any meal services that I can such as: Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and ordering my groceries via Instacart. I am fixing breakfast the night before  and accepting any suggestions. The kids school would prefer that they do not eat during their Zoom lessons so that should cut down on the snack intake. So kiddies, use your school stomachs, HA!


Time is of the essence and school will function as normal. The kids need to resume to their regular bedtime schedules. This means go to bed EARLY. I will try to be as consistent as I can, but shifting from Summer vacation to back to school is always challenging in the beginning. Especially, since we are still technically at home. Still I am trying to keep the kids focused. Help them to remember to be signed on and stay on task all day just as they would at school.  

Keep Communication Open

Explain to the kids the expectations and show them how to use their resources was my first goal last week. This week was to get on board with baby daddy, teachers and staff. Remember to communicate with the your partner, husband, co-parent, guardians, teachers, etc.  Hell, I am even having a talk with Apollo telling him that he needs to keep his barking to a minimum. LOL  I will also be communicating with my co-workers due to disruptions and mandatory school meetings. I will have to be present when it comes to my children’s learning as well as be successful at work. Days will be busy, but nothing runs smooth without communication.

Have Some Grace

Be patient and have some grace when it comes to the kids,  yourself and the school staff. Even damn technology because we know how that can be. Nothing will ever be perfect, but if we are a team it will all work out. Just remember not to be so hard on yourself or anyone else. Take breaks, take time off and laugh at the chaos. You got this!

Well its my babies first day, so please wish them good luck!


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