10 Questions answered by the Creator!

Hey it’s Tahnee Cole. Let’s keep it fun today. I want to share answers to a few questions I have got over the years. Enjoy!!

  1. One word to describe motherhood?  Courage. 

  2. The last piece advice you gave a mom?  Be prepared to be flexible, but stand your ground.

  3.  Favorite thing to do with your kids? Picnic , anything that Involves eating and water. We love to eat and watch water.  Our new home will definitely have a huge pool.

  4. When they ask who the Favorite kid is?  I tell them they get on my nerves equally.

  5. Dream Job? Famous Writer.

  6. Do you want to get married or be in a relationship again?  Ummm, I aspire to always be content. If it cost my happiness I don’t want it.

  7. Favorite mom influencer? Dayna Bolden

  8. Hidden talent? Not really hidden but I play piano.

  9. Favorite meal? Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and cornbread.

  10. Who inspires you? I inspire myself but outside of me, my babies & my parents.

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