Teaching awareness and ambition.


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Since my kids have been home with me more due to the pandemic, I have more time to teach them the values and skills that will be useful for them to thrive in life. Not just survive but to live abundantly. My parents taught me a lot and with each generation we are supposed to become stronger, braver and richer. My parents raised me to reach heights higher than them and I am looking forward to my children doing the same. At their young age they have already been exposed to more knowledge than previous generations, however; it is about what they do with the knowledge they receive.

At times, as a black mom it can become very discouraging when all you see on the news is negative images and depictions of black people. Children not even making it to 18, due to police brutality, gang violence and all sorts of heinous crimes. Although, we can’t always predict what lies ahead of us, it is a must that we educate our children on practices that will help them stay as safe as possible. Whether that is watching their environment or discussing protocol when approached by an irate officer. I know hearing that sounds hopeless. In many situations, it seems like black people are doomed when it comes to being in contact with an officer especially a black man. Yet, I still want to encourage my children that bad stories does not directly tie to them. Just because you saw a story of a black man being killed by an officer does not mean your life will end that way. I’m suiting up my children to be brilliant, resilient but never ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that bad things and people are out there, but also to never be ignorant to the fact that they are powerful beings made in their Creator’s image.

It is important to stop allowing our children to feel hopeless, live in fear and not aspire to be the success story, but instead the failed one. Subconsciously, showing our children so many negative images will program them to feel inferior and discouraged. We must reprogram our children to feel like despite their obstacles they can achieve. No that doesn’t mean ignore or not acknowledge that there are bad things going on around them. There are certainly horrible events happening every day. However, manifesting is powerful. We can manifest negativity by speaking, thinking and internalizing. I know that what you speak can come to past. What you think can come to past and words are curses. We must teach our children to speak life over their life, to indulge into the positive aspects of what life has to offer and to know their strengths.

Once our young black children are encouraged and feel confident in who they are and their abilities, they will be a force to be reckon with. Every day I show my children a success story. I teach them all of the famous African Americans who have invented creations that has made life easier for humanity. They learn about their ancestors who were brave and paved the way for them. We don’t focus on slavery movies that only show us as helpless slaves who could not make a difference. A difference was indeed made. My children will make changes and difference. My children will thrive and they will live out their divine purpose with awareness, but an ambitious mindset!

Tahnee Cole


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