the WAHM and SAHM confusion…

Ditch the WAHM being a SAHM CONFUSION.  Since March I have been working remote due to the pandemic. It has been a mix of pleasure and testing my patience. Due to personal and professional time constraints, I have learned that I can’t do it all and I’m content with that realization. While I respect andContinue reading “the WAHM and SAHM confusion…”

Confidence is Key : Ways I Encourage & Motivate My Black Son.

In a world, where young black men are often downplayed as thugs, irresponsible baby daddies, drug dealers etc. It is important to teach our children about the images that are not often on the news. The positive images. Black people are thriving and there are many positive representations of “black boy joy” and “the blackContinue reading “Confidence is Key : Ways I Encourage & Motivate My Black Son.”