Give Yourself Grace During The Holidays

Does it seem like everyone is in the holiday spirit except you? Christmas trees up, lights blinking and jingle bell singing. Yet, you feel like the only person in the room not feeling it. Your red and green represents the anger your feel and the green for your envy towards anyone in the holiday spirit.Continue reading “Give Yourself Grace During The Holidays”

Career Moms Can Be Active in their kids Learning Development. 8 Tips how…

I am an active career mom and it is not easy. Many days I face challenges and chaos, but with great time management and strategy I am able to conquer my days successfully. There have been many misconceptions about career moms only being concerned about their career and salary. However, many career moms spend aContinue reading “Career Moms Can Be Active in their kids Learning Development. 8 Tips how…”

20 Fall Activities For The Family

I love the Fall. There are certain things that you only desire to do during the Fall Season. Toasty, cozy weather, fuzzy sweaters, booties, hoodies and hot coffee really get me going. My children love the Fall season because there is so much to do. The beautiful colors put you in a peaceful mood. TheContinue reading “20 Fall Activities For The Family”

Stop Stereotyping Career Moms… (Don’t play with us)!

I recently seen a post about career moms not making good homemakers. This led me to create this post. It is assumed that if you have a career and you are a mother, you are more prone to neglect every other aspect of your life, bullshit. I even loss interest in this creators content afterContinue reading “Stop Stereotyping Career Moms… (Don’t play with us)!”

Motivating my Teenager with braces

This year has been dedicated to staying on top of health maintenance. Due to covid, we were all behind on our dentist visits so I invested in a waterpik. But there is something about seeing your dentist and orthodontist. This year, Heaven received her braces. She was so excited, since her gap has been herContinue reading “Motivating my Teenager with braces”

Changes and Children

I had to explain to my son that life would always be changing. Rarely will everything be constant, but change can be beneficial. My son is six, a very smart six year old, but like most children change can be difficult. Family structure, new schools, new living situations, etc are always to be expected asContinue reading “Changes and Children”

Planning a fun and eventful 6th Birthday for my son!

I can’t believe my littlest is 6 years old and going to first grade. Time is flying. Birthdays are always celebrated at my house. The key is to keep it fun, stress-less and affordable. Of course, I always go over my intended budget, LOL. This year, I took off a week to celebrate with myContinue reading “Planning a fun and eventful 6th Birthday for my son!”

the WAHM and SAHM confusion…

Ditch the WAHM being a SAHM CONFUSION.  Since March I have been working remote due to the pandemic. It has been a mix of pleasure and testing my patience. Due to personal and professional time constraints, I have learned that I can’t do it all and I’m content with that realization. While I respect andContinue reading “the WAHM and SAHM confusion…”

Confidence is Key : Ways I Encourage & Motivate My Black Son.

In a world, where young black men are often downplayed as thugs, irresponsible baby daddies, drug dealers etc. It is important to teach our children about the images that are not often on the news. The positive images. Black people are thriving and there are many positive representations of “black boy joy” and “the blackContinue reading “Confidence is Key : Ways I Encourage & Motivate My Black Son.”