A Typical Day …

Photo credit Sylven Lamar

A Recent Photo from a Photoshoot. My daughter in her school uniform and my son dressed for a normal day of preschool!

A Classic Man…

I dress my son in what I want him to embody and exude: class, confidence and dignity. He is definitely a classic little man! Always so chic with his bowties and his personality to match.

lj fashion

me and son

heaven clothes


Heaven picked out her own outfit Saturday. A simple pair of dark blue denim jeans from The Children’s Place. Her shirt representing where she wants to live (Paris, France) once she hits 18 also from The Children’s Place. A pair of Pink Adidas from Finish line and a matching JoJo Siwa hair bow which is one of her favorite accessories. What are your daughters favorite accessories?


Heaven is my real life Barbie Doll! She is so photogenic!  I got these two swimsuits from very different places. The first one is from her favorite store Justice, but the second is from a local discount store. $45.00 vs $5!!! Do you see a big difference? This is evidence that you can find great deals and nice quality at any store. I know most people are hung up on name brand items and trust me we do have our share of expensive high quality items. There are also  some items I refuse to spend less on, but a swimsuit is not one of them. I buy my children a couple different swim outfits for the year and I certainly don’t mind buying a few that are less than $50.

Dressing a Tween


So far it has not really been hard dressing my 10 yr old. She is a girly-girl, but she is also athletic. Her attire ranges from pretty tea party dresses like the one above to athletic gear. I do allow her to chose her own outfits after school and on the weekends. She wears a school uniform so she is happy to be able to wear what she wants during time off. I notice in the stores that a lot of the outfits don’t really seem to be age appropriate. The shorts are super short and the tops are all crop tops and midriffs. I try to keep my daughter looking cute, fashionable and trendy without looking like she is 18. I am still old school and I don’t want her looking older than she is. She has plenty of time to be an adult and a small time being a child. Justice is one of her favorite stores, so we mix and match accessories for her hair. We also coordinate her outfits with jewelry and fancy purses. Claire’s is another cute store if you are looking for girly accessories.  Above she has on her Easter dress from Children’s Place, tights from a local beauty supply store and shoes from Famous Footwear.



Above my kids are chilling and easy like Sunday morning. We took this photo after church. My mom bought my daughter this beautiful flowing dress from Target. I paired it with a little shrug from Children’s Place. Her hair Accessories and jewelry from Justice.

My son also got his shirt as a gift from Grandma from Target and his pants from Children’s Place. Both of them were coordinated really well with the cranberry color. Dressing my kids is always fun.



There is nothing I love more than dressing my kids up. When I was a little girl I had a ton of dolls and I would dress them up fancy. Now I have dolls of my own AKA my kids. LOL. On most Sundays I pick out clothing that matches well together so that my children can blend and be fashionable. My favorite stores to shop for my kids is Children’s Place, Justice, Carters, and H&M. The outfits in the above picture is from Children’s Place. This is a photo I took while they were taking professional Spring pictures.