tcole3 Buns After Baby

Women may try to deny it, but every woman wants to have a nice butt. We love how a nice curvy butt looks in dresses, pants, etc. It doesn’t have to be extremely  huge, but who wants a sloppy butt? I am sorry but I admit that I work really hard on my behind. Making sure if I do nothing else, I do my squats. LOL I did notice after my second baby, I had to work a lot harder to get my bum toned up. At first it was huge from the weight gain, then I dropped my pounds and it not only seem to lose it curve, but it also looked droopy and floppy. I had to make sure that I worked on my abs and my butt daily to bring back tone and curve. Are you ladies working on getting your buns back after the babies?

Dress from Forever 21

Running_Woman_Silhouette_PNG_Clip_Art_Image                                    EXERCISING

So I have been trying to exercise at night, because I feel like my mornings are so chaotic. I spend my mornings focusing on my meditation and prayer. I seriously have to spend time working on my mental to prepare me for the day. However, exercise is very necessary. I have always been a slim chick so I use exercise to gain muscle, and just to keep everything tight.

Exercise also helps me release any  stress or tension that I may be feeling. I have noticed that exercising at night has made me feel a little more rejuvenated in the morning so maybe I will keep up with this routine. I am going to ask some fitness experts their input on this.


Hey Moms,

It is not easy being a mom. It is challenging being a career mom. It is just as challenging being a fit career mom.  So let me share a few secrets that I have been sticking to that has helped me tremendously on my journey to be a happy and healthy career mom!

  1. Schedule everything– So I have a planner and I seriously write down everything all the way down to family time. For some reason there is more power in me writing things down and checking them off my list. If I see it written down on my list I feel compelled to get it done.
  2. Exercise and Food Prep with the kiddies– I take the kids walking with me. We will either go walk around a track or we take nature walks around the neighborhood. The baby still likes to be in his stroller. Then we stop and we play tag which is pretty good cardio if you ask me.  Then I let them help me plan dinner and snacks for the week. They enjoy (safely) cutting the fruit and tasting it too!
  3. Replace the coffee with water I love coffee in the morning, but I have changed my morning coffee cup to hot water with lemon to start my day. I am a coffee head and I load it with sugar and crème which is a lot of calories. So I have cut down the calories with supplementing with a healthier morning drink.
  4. Replace my morning complaining with Positive Affirmations and Meditation When I wake up first thing in the morning I am overwhelmed with how much I want to go back to sleep. So I set my clock up a little earlier and spend a few minutes getting my mind together. I try to replace my complaints with gratitude. I meditate and then proceed with my day.

These are a few helpful ways to help balance my MIND, BODY AND SOUL. Try them!

Love and Peace from The MOMMY MOTIVATOR!

-Tahnee L. Cole