“I represent the mom who seeks balance, purpose and a fulfilling motherhood. Moms who do not want to just exist, but moms who want to LIVE. I represent the moms who motivate their children to be their very best, by their living example of success.” – I am Tahnee Cole, The Mommy Motivator


I am a Millennial Mom of 2 awesome kids. A financial professional who resides in a suburb near Cleveland, Ohio. I studied Business Management with focuses in Accounting and Marketing in college. I made a career in the financial industry. I am currently reconstructing my life into a fulfilled life of abundance, financial freedom and purpose.

I started Black Pumps Pink Slippers to describe my life balancing being a professional career mom. Discussing my triumphs and failures along the way; as well as, my ambition to always be the best mother I can be. Despite seen and unseen circumstances I refuse to fold but to bloom.

This blog is for the mom who seeks balance, purpose and a fulfilled motherhood. Come with me on this journey while we explore being a mom and beyond…

-Love Tahnee Cole