Self worth can not only affect how you treat others, but ultimately how you treat yourself. It can hinder you in making decisions that can advance you in your career or starting that business you have been thinking about. If you want to improve your self worth try the following 6 steps:

  1. Don’t compare– Stop wanting what other people have and thinking your life should be like theirs. Everyone has their own unique journey. Everyone has their own set of problems. It is ok to admire others, but do be obsessed with trying to compete or be like others. You will end up miserable. Follow your unique passions and your purpose.
  2. Stop the inner critic– You will never be perfect. It is fine to do your best, but don’t beat yourself up seeking unattainable perfection. The inner critic will help you to focus on the negative, but you have so much more to offer to the world!
  3. Stop neglecting yourself– Spend time taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Your mind and body need balance. The more you balance your life the more you will find peace. Focus on your nutrition and your well-being and do things that make you happy.
  4. Stop procrastinating– Make a to-do list. Scratch each item off the list and move on to more. Stop having so many things incomplete. The more you finish the closer you are to completing your goals.
  5. Show gratitude– The more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for. Abundance is a mindset. We want to embody what we want to attract. If we want to be happy we must create our “happiness”. Always be grateful for what you have to make room for more.
  6. Be simple and Clean– Clear the clutter and do less. Less is more. Stop overwhelming yourself with things that serve you no purpose. Learn to say no and remember the quality over quantity rule!